Thursday, March 13, 2008


The names that we have for first names are definitely

Cohen -Boy

Marley- Girl.

Prior to reading the comments on the blog, we had talked last night about doing Marley Faith, in honor of E's reason for picking us as adoptive parents. I'll bet she said the word 'faith' 10 times during our meeting. Then, for Cohen, we thought of doing a french name instead of African since E has some type of educational degree having to do with french language, according to the paperwork. Her parents are Togolese, and when I researched it, the main language spoken there seems to be French. So, we just looked through and found some that we liked, and found Cohen Blaise. The meaning is not significant though. It would just be a french name in honor of her country.

Any other suggestions are more than welcome. Natalie and the Binges, please comment back, I would love to hear your suggestions. And everyone else, too. The boy name is really the one we are struggling with.


Anonymous said...

Mandy, I've been reading your blog and keeping up with you guys but I hadn't posted anything. Just wanted to say how excited I am for you and Eric! It has been such a joy to read your words and get a glimpse of your heart and hear how God is moving in your life! In fact, tears have come to my eyes several times as I read your thoughts and feelings, and as I think about the goodness of our Lord! So thanks for being so open so we can all participate in this process with you.

Now, since you asked for french boy names, here are a couple ...
Matthew means "God's gift" (how appropriate!) ... and it is also a french name, though it's spelled differently in french (Mathieu or Matthieu), but you could use it anyway.

Or Bennett (in french spelled Benott) which comes from the french "Benoit" meanning "blessed."

OK, enough from me ... I'll keep checking in though. Can't wait until the baby is here and home safely with you!

Melita Thomas

Anonymous said...

OH, I love Bennett!!! HE will definatley be a blessing in your life!!!

love yall
courtney (your cousin) i think there is another courtney who posts on here.

Laurie said...

O.K., so I just love Marley Faith Moore!! Too cute. As for the boy names....I lean more towards Cohen Mathieu Moore, but Cohen Bennett Moore would probally be pronounced correctly more often, and sounds like a strong little warrior's name.

Anonymous said...

I think Cohen Bennett is a wonderful name! I can't wait to read that the baby is here and in your arms! So no matter how excited you get when the moment comes, don't forget to let all of us out here know!!!We are praying for you, Eric, the baby, the birthmom, and your family every day.
Love, Ginny

Natalie Henman said...

Hi Mands

I love your choice of name.

As promised I found a second name from the Xhosa tribe

Cohen Sandisele (means make our family grow)

Marley Nosipo (mean gift)

I really like your choice though but I had to keep my promise to mail you!

This is so exciting...

Anonymous said...

Love your name selection for both the girl and boy. I realize sometimes you have so many to consider it becomes confusing. Can't help with girl name but for boy it could be David Kenneth or Kenneth David. Ask your Dad what he thinks. Ha Grand Pa Pa

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9