Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Adoption birthday!

Cohen Bennett is now officially a Moore!!! Yesterday was a wonderful day. We legally finalized Cohen's adoption into our family. The judge was so kind, having us introduce all the people that were there to support and witness this day. He then allowed us all to take pictures with him! It couldn't have gone better. Although it was an important day we will never forget and tell Cohen about for years, it didn't feel like any weight off our shoulders or like something huge had been accomplished. Excited to be reminded of the gift we've been given, we enjoyed it, but the feeling of the day to me felt like a formality and not truly a "finalizing" of his place in our family. I am glad it felt that way. I am glad I didn't feel like, "whew, we made it" as if I was fearing a different outcome. He is ours, always has been and we are so in love with him. Last night I was watching tv and on the show a little girl was sick and needing surgery. While the parents stood there looking at their little girl, unsure of what would happen with her health, I began to think of Cohen and not morbidly like, 'what if something happens to him' but something just got my mind off on a thought of how deeply connected I feel to him and how that he has just rocked me to the core in terms of love. I guess that's just the feeling of being a mom. I went into his room with tears just streaming down my face and prayed for him and for Eric and I and for every person that teaches or has influence on him. I am so glad that I can feel this kind of love. It is different than a romantic love or a friendship love. It is amazing and I am just so so thankful for Cohen and to God for doing what is quite obviously His workmanship.

On sunday, we dedicated Cohen at church and the picture with the green overall type outfit is from that day. My talented mother made that outfit for him and she made his brown pants he is wearing in the other pictures. Isn't she great???

As I said in the last post, Cohen is all over the place now. He does an army crawl, but just in the last 2 days he has really gotten good and crawling on his hands and knees! He is saying all kinds of new sounds and loves to echo our sounds. I frequently find him standing in his bed hollaring for me to come and get him after a nap... not mad, just like he is saying" HEY!!! MOM!!! I AM AWAKE!!! Too cute. I love this stage he is in!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

the last few months...

Well, once again, its been awhile! Cohen is growing and changing daily! He is SO busy these days, walking around the house while holding momma's fingers...eating solid food and some adult food (veggies mashed up and stuff like that) like a champ. This morning for the second morning in row I woke up to his loud hollaring voice, not mad or sad, just ready to get UP!!! When I went around the corner to his room, he was standing in his crib holding the rails!!! Now he has been pulling up for a while, but never has he done it in his bed and yelled for me to come get him....he's getting too big!!! Cohen LOVES his cousins, Aubrynne and Houston. He loves to play with them so much. He has all kinds of new sounds and noises that are so fun. Anyway, at almost 8.5 months old... he is doing wonderfully as are his proud parents.

Some exciting events coming up next week: we are publically dedicating him to the Lord this Sunday at church! I have always been so excited about this day. It just seems so special and so appropriate to have this ceremony type event to publically say to our church family that we want them to join us in praying and raising Cohen. I love that. THEN, on Monday we'll be having his court hearing to finalize his adoption!!!! I can't believe he is 8 months old and I am just so thankful that he is being made legally our son. This will be such a special day for all of us.

I knew I couldn't come without some newer pictures! so here they are. He was a penguin for halloween. He has two teeth still but the first top tooth is trying to come in causing some swollen gums! He is tolerating it great though. Enjoy!

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9