Tuesday, April 29, 2008

5 weeks, 5 days old!

just a random night of random pics i thought i'd share. also, I tried to video him with my camera, so there is no sound, but he's moving around and stuff, and sorta smiling! Eric took this last one....his two fav. people with bed head!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

loving life

Well, I must say, mommyhood is way, way better than I expected. Way more fun, way easier (so far) and yet more intense at the same time. I love being a mother to this little baby boy. Cohen and I thank God a lot, especially while he is eating, for his mommy, his daddy, his first mom who chose life for him, for his son who saves our wretched souls, for his beautiful nose, eyes, ears, mouth, sweet cheeks, hands and feet! I was thinking tonight as Cohen was staring up at me while taking his bottle about all the people who comment on how alert he has been and is for his age. Now, they might just be saying that, but he really does seem to not be missing much that goes on! It's almost as if he knows he has been given life, that although abortion was not necessarily even a thought for E, she still chose life over the alternative. So, for example, when planned pregnancies or pregnancies within marriage or within relationships occur, people are generally excited and have high hopes and dreams of the little being growing inside them. But for E, as much as I can imagine, this was obviously not planned and came as quite a surprise, causing fear in her of what was to come, I am sure. I know she had to be thinking of every possible way to make this situation better, easier, smaller than it was in reality. I am kinda rambling, but my point is that as I sit holding him I just can't help but pretty frequently think of how he came to us...about how he could've been aborted, his life taken from him before it even started. It sends chills through my body and makes me so thankful to God and so sure of His love for each soul at conception. He has plans for Cohen and Cohen is a gift to us, a blessing, one that we don't deserve but by His grace and mercy will enjoy for as long as He allows. I really really love adoption. I will say again how perfectly it mirrors what Christ did for us, giving us a new life with a purpose!!! God will do great things in and through Cohen, I just know it. It is my priviledge to pray for him and guide him into adulthood. Do biological parents feel this way too?

Yesterday was my first day back to work...longest 12 hours of my life! It wasn't so bad though since I knew he was in awesome hands! Eric had him all day long and they had such a good time together. I am only working one day per week, so I can't really complain, but it was hard to leave his sweet little self that morning!!! They came to eat lunch with me, so that was fun, but harder to go back after lunch! We had a great, really full weekend of family birthday parties and family dinner. Cohen is so blessed by God to have SO many family members who are almost as in love as we are with him! Tonight, I fed him 5 ounces for the first time! He has been pretty consistently sleeping 6-7 hrs at night which from what I hear is pretty awesome for an infant and so I am really thankful for that! We had another couple of showers last weekend and got some really great and much needed things. People continue in their generosity! He seems to be a lot bigger, growing like crazy. I need to get some good pics of him on here so you can all see how different he looks from the first week! I'll get right on that!

Monday, April 14, 2008

We are alive! and doing quite well!

Hello everyone! I will start by admitting that I am not so much a good multi-tasker at home. I am a great one at work, but I really don't like multi-tasking, so I haven't mastered it at home, Eric will tell you! So, what I am saying is that with all that has been going on I have totally neglected blogging, which in turn neglects you guys who have so faithfully followed our story and prayed and celebrated with us and so I am sorry that I do not multi task well!!! Here is an update:
  • I became an aunt, AGAIN!!!!! I am proud to announce the birth of a healthy baby boy, Houston Kenneth Moore to Eric's little sister A.K. He was born last week and had some trouble breathing and eating and so there was a scare that he was not okay, but turns out he is very healthy, no growth of bacteria in his blood cultures and he got off oxygen and came home last night! We have spent all weekend at the hospital and are so thankful that he is healthy and at home with his family!!! God has tremendously blessed our family....we believe Cohen and Houston will be best friends!
  • E signed her surrender on May 31st, so as of April 10th at 4:30 pm she was unable to change her mind any more. My heart felt and still is heavy for her as I just wonder how she is doing. How hard were those days for her? I am trusting in the Lord that she is okay and that He is caring for her. Please continue to pray for her when you think of us.
  • Cohen is a growing boy! I don't have a current weight, but he eats like a champ! I think we have hit our first growth spurt this weekend since he has increased feeding to every 2.5 hrs or so. He is just getting loved on from all directions. He seems to be a pretty even tempered little guy. He only gets upset when hungry and then sometimes when sleepy and he just can't quite figure out how to get himself to sleep. We help him along by singing to him and rocking him...spoiling him rotten I am sure! We actually are about to head out the door to a "Diaper Dunk" that Eric's co-workers are throwing for us. They are giving us diapers and wipes of all sizes! We had a shower from my church girls that was so awesome last weekend. He got loved on some more there, too! oh yeah, and I am gaining weight!!!! We have had several friends bringing over dinner to us for the past 3 weeks and it is all SOOOO good. And of course, several have brought dessert...not good for the waist line!

Anyway, I have told Eric to remind me and be sure that I blog again about the hospital and just more about Cohen. so please, don't give up on us, we will keep blogging!!! Love you all!

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9