Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Okay, if anyone still checks in on this blog, despite the fact that it has literally been months sense I last posted anything... I need help! How on earth do you make your blog designs??? I want to do something different with the template or whatever, but I am not computer or internet savvy and am wondering what to do. Anybody got any suggestions?

So, our first Christmas as a family of 3 was fantastic! Not much to say other than just that it was great to spend time with family and celebrate Jesus's birth. Cohen is 11 months in about 2 days from now!!! He started WALKING 5 days after he was 10 months, and seriously, he just took off, like he'd been walking for years! He is getting pretty good at it now, almost able to run at times...closely followed by a crash. I am pleased to report NO ILLNESS for the little guy! No runny noses, no cough, just great health wise. I was beginning to wonder if he was gonna have a permenant running nose. yuck. but no nose sucker, no raw upper lip from tissue wiping, no coughing in the night and we are just so thankful for our health over the past few months!

Hmmm.... what else... I think he said "dog" today and we think he is calling my inlaws dog "jack" (which is his name) although it is not completely clear. I am finding it totally amazing how much a child changes daily. I just will look around and find him doing things that I didn't know he could do. Its a beautiful, wonderful thing to watch and be a part of! We went to our first hockey game last week. He sat mesmerized by the noise, lights and players. He absolutely LOVED it and looked too cute in his preds sweatshirt.

Here are some new and not so new loves of Cohen's:
  1. HIS DADDY- attached at the hip, literally. He is so obsessed with Eric that today he was hugging, kissing and smelling Eric's coat that was hanging on the back of the kitchen chair. Man he LOVES his daddy.

  2. FOOD!!!- any food. period. baby food, big people food, dog food (no, just kidding), but really he loves to eat and gets really excited and kicks he legs and dances when he eats...which leads me to....

  3. dancing- One day in pier 1, I was holding him and kinda dancing to the music (its kinda loud in there) and he was dancing (bouncing up and down) in my arms. I guess I started kinda bobbing my head sideways and so since then that is his new move that he loves to show off. sideways head bobbing. Its too cute.

  4. books- he has just started really liking to turn pages in books and really loves it these days.

  5. outside- today (beautiful day) we went outside to eat lunch and see Riley (our boxer) and after like an hour of being out there, we come in and he sits at the door and cries because he wants to go back out. Oh my goodness, he is only 11 months old and ALL BOY!!! (and our dog riley leads me to.....)

  6. dogs- as I said earlier he is saying "dog" and calling the inlaws dog by his name and he has a book with different dogs in it and he kisses each dog as we read. He yells at dogs when he sees them.

  7. Kids- He also "yells" in his own sweet way at other kids. When he sees his cousins Houston or Aubrynne he gets so excited and starts kinda hollaring at them and kisses them. He plays so well with kids and it is so awesome to watch him interact with other children his age, so so awesome.
Okay, enough of the list. He is just such a joy to Eric and I and we are so in love with him! Sorry it's been a while. Will definitely try and do better for anyone who still reads.


Dave Gerhart said...

What a cutie! Josiah just turned 1, so we're right there with ya! No talking yet, but walking everywhere and gettin' his groove on to classic R&B.

As far as blog designs, I didn't like any of the ones that Blogger had, so I checked out designers that did templates for and found Lena. Chech out her stuff!

KLS said...

hey mand!
i'm still reading! the new pictures are precious. keep writing when you have time. love you. kiss my little buddy for me.


Ashley Jene said...

Your little one is such a cutie! Always fun to see pictures of him! I use
for free blogger templates. They explain what to do when you find the background you like.

Yoka said...

Thanks for updating!!! He has gotten so big.

Rebekah said...

I'm still reading too!! I use both sites listed above (Dave's and Ashley's!)

Maris Bush said...

Mandy I still read!!! I was so excited when I saw that you posted a blog. I was just thinking about you guys the other day. I can't believe he is 11 months old! August is almost 5 months. Weren't we just sitting in adoption meetings like yesterday?? So crazy. I am so happy for you guys- he is gorgeous!

alicia said...

yay! thanks for posting again! I can't believe he is walking and saying words!!! wow. love the pics! I just played with the settings on my blog to create the background color and text style, then I googled blog headers and found a site with a whole bunch of neat blog headers you can use for free!! then it is justgetting to know your blog user basically, i had to do some research of how to manipulate html codes to get my site looking nice, but it was fun figuring it all out!

Karen said...

still here and check in all the time!! I can't believe how big Cohen is getting. I feel like I never see you guys. I love that he was ding that to Eric's coat...that is so so precious!

Lana said...

OMG!!! Your son is absolutely gorgeous. I am currently on the adoption journey and I hope to experience some of the joys that you are currently having soon. Try for blog designs.

Natalie said...

Welcome back! Sure did miss all of you guys!
Like the new design...
I changed our blog - there is a icon on our blog where you can change it - I think it's cutest blog on the block or something like that!
Cohen is SO precious and has grown! Can't believe he is almost a year! Time sure does fly!

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