Monday, August 4, 2008

4 months

Well, the 4 month birthday has come and gone....and way too quickly!!! July 20th, Cohen was 4 months old. He weighed 17 1b, 3 oz, and was 26 inches long. He is rolling all over the place now and is much more aware of EVERYTHING around him! We started giving some solid food a few weeks ago and he did great with it! We got one of those excersaucer/jumper contraptions last week and Cohen is loving that as you can tell in the picture, he got a little tired in it. This picture of him asleep in it was today. He has been congested with a little cough and of course I feel like a bad mom letting my boy get a cold! but he has been really off today. He can't quite get to sleep because he can't suck his thumb because he can't breathe through his nose (he told me all this) and so he gets soooo frustrated. It's pitiful, really.

Today was Eric's first day back to work for the school year and my first official day back at home with him! I never thought I'd be so happy to have a summer come to an end. I will say, though, that I am really enjoying my work and am really feeling thankful that I am able to just pick up shifts as infrequently as I am planning in order to be at home with my boy all but 4-6 days per month. Also, I was able to work 3 days a week this summer and save up some good money, and still be with Cohen and Eric the other 4 days. It's been a great summer; definitely the best one yet.

So, no teeth yet, but I am convinced they are coming soon with all the sweet drool and biting things that is going on in our house these days. Daddy is wanting to cut our boy's hair already and I am protesting like you've never seen. We are combing through his pretty curls a few times a day to keep it from getting knotted and to keep it soft, but it's worth it cause it's too cute! Life is pretty much great here and we hope you are all doing well.


alicia said...

ahh he is soo cute!! I am sure his teeth will come in real soon! I love his hair too :)

ps looks like you got hit with lots of spam!

MeMe said...

Mandy the pictures of Cohen are so cute! he is really growing. It makes me sad that I'm missing all of this,but the pictures do help. Hope to see all of ya'll Sunday.

Karen said...

he is so cute! got the pic in the's already on the fridge!!

We are up for dinner whenever...although we will have a new addition soon, so I guess that could be a factor!:):) haha!

Dave Gerhart said...

What a sweetie! Josiah just got a "Jumpster" and he managed to fall asleep in it, too!

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9