Thursday, February 28, 2008

We've been chosen!!!!

As some of you may already have heard, we were chosen as the prospective adoptive parents of a healthy african american infant who is due to enter this world March 16th,2008!!! Praise be to God! We got a call Monday before last that our profile would be shown to a caucasian woman expecting a healthy caucasian child. We were so excited, but seriously shocked that after only 5 weeks of waiting we were being shown to a white mom. I have so prepared my heart and my mind for my little black or biracial child, since these are so much more commonly shown to families who are open to either race, early on. We agreed to be shown, only to get a call last friday (just 5 days after getting the first call) that we were going to also be shown to another expectant mother who is from Ethiopia. We are now even more in shock that 2 moms are viewing our profile! We were so encouraged and excited just to be shown at this point in our wait! We waited all weekend to hear something on Monday. Monday came and no calls. Tuesday came and the call did come. The white mom had not chosen us. She had decided to go with an independent family (one not with Bethany). Surprisingly we were so let down. I really never had a great feeling about the first situation, but was just chalking it up to being nervous. But somehow, even though we were pretty prepared that it wouldn't happen this time, disappointment was so thick and heavy. We talked a little, sat in silence a little more, and cried some too. I don't think it was about this specific situation that we were sad, it was just about the potential of having a child in our home, finally, and then having that potential stiffled. We really were so sad. Wednesday at work was a half day for me, and I got another call. It was Carolyn. I thought, 'oh, i'll just take the call really quick, I'm sure she is gonna say that we weren't chosen this time, but maybe next time.' After all, it HAS only been 5 weeks....I can find more patience than that! "Mandy...can you talk?" "Yes............" "I'm calling to tell you that you and Eric have been chosen as adoptive parents for an african american baby due on March 16th!!!" "WHAT!!!!!!" I literally screamed in the phone. And then, just 12 short hours later, I am crying tears of joy, at the news of our becoming parents to our much loved, much wanted, much anticipated child!!! I finally was able to get home to tell Eric in person, and guys.... I have never ever seen him so real, so vulnerable, so sweet and tender. He just cried in my arms and we just were literally floating. He kept saying, 'I'm just so, so happy!' It was an amazing day. I loved Wednesday. Wednesday's used to always be my favorite day, cause we got to go to Wed night church, which I loved. It was again a great day. So there will be much more to come. Please be praying for us on Friday morning. We will be meeting the birth mother. Pray for her and for her unborn child.

While we are ecstatic, please also be praying for a certain amount of God's protection over our hearts. We want to enjoy this time of anticipation and excitement, but also know that all we are doing at this point is giving her a choice in the midst of her unplanned pregnancy. Although she has chosen to make a plan for adoption for her child with us, she is still this baby's momma and will be needing lots of peace and wisdom and clarity for decisions she will be making very soon. Please, please, please, I am pleading with you that if you don't pray another time for us or haven't yet, pray for this special woman who has chosen life for her child. She is in a place that I can not pretend to understand and I do not envy her. Every person is created in God's image and deserves love, respect and dignity. Our hope and desire is that we can be used by God to minister to her in some way through this difficult situation... no matter the outcome. So please.....pray.


Natalie Henman said...

Wow Mandy - your post got me all teary! I am SO very happy for you. I will pray for you, for the birth mother and for your precious, precious little baby who is almost here!

I can't believe it...just around the corner...

May God Bless you and your precious little miracle...

Can't wait to read more

Laurie said...

Once again I have streams of joy floating down my face. I have been praying for you this morning while your mtg. with the birth mom was going on. I pray you three were encouraged and even more sure that this is where God is leading all of you. I just am estatic for you guys and waiting on pins and needles for this little image bearer to be born. We love you both DEARLY!

Nessa said...

I found you through Mel's list and just have to say - Congrats! My husband and I just turned our application in last Saturday after 2.5 years of trying. I'm so excited for the both of you and will be praying for you and the birthmother as well. I don't think people realize how much prayer the birthparents really need at a time like this.

But congrats! That is so soon and so wonderful.

KLTTX said...

Congratulations on your match. I have been reading your blog for a while now and know that you and Eric have wanted this so much. Its amazing that it happened so quickly - you could be a mom in less than a month. I pray for you and for the birthmom.

Anonymous said...

Mandy, I am so happy for you and Eric! I will pray for you and the birthmom. I just wonder if this little child is going to be a crazy "clothes-horse" like you and Melissa were!!! Payback time!!!! Really, I miss those times, with you, Melissa, and your mom. They were special times, and you are fixing to get to experience so many of them with your child! God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Can we get an Amen? Can we get a happy song? It is time for the 'happy song' list.

1. Ain't no Mountain high enough
2. Dancing in the streets
3. Ow! I feel good
4. Don't worry, be happy
5. Joy to the World
6. Celebrate Good Times, Come on!
7. I'm a Believer
8. If you're happy and you know it
9. Oh, Happy Day
10. You Make me Happy!
11. Fun, Fun, Fun
12. Peaceful, Easy feeling
13. Its a beautiful morning
14. Here comes the sun
15. Good Vibrations

and the all time favorite....Happy Feet! I am in MN tonight, cutting a rug, singing a song, opening the window and shouting to the street below.

Praise God from Whom all Blessings flow!!

(I am just a tad HAPPY for you and Eric.)

(aunt) Leslie said...

Hooray! Hooray! I've teared up every time I've told the story today. I'm so excited for you two and can't wait to meet the newest cousin. When I was telling Wes about the baby, he said, "Will they tell him/her he was adopted?" I told him you would and it would be obvious to the baby since his skin will be a little different from his parents. I just thought it was sweet that skin color was not even on his mind. We're praying for you!


The Barfield's said...

did you hear a praise the Lord all the way from Idaho? i got all teary again telling steve about it when he came in for a quick lunch. i've checked the blog several times today to see if there was a report on the meeting this morning. you are ALL in our prayers and can't wait to see how it all works out.

Pat Long said...

I am writing this for both Uncle Steve and me. We are both so very excited for you and Eric and KNOW you will be awesome parents! I have thoroughly enjoyed and feel so honored to be able to read your beautiful words about such a miracle that is about to occur! I saw Eric on Sunday and he was SOOOO excited he could hardly contain himself! We will continue to check back and follow your progress! God Bless you all and know you are ALWAYS in our prayers! Patty and Steve Moore

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9