Thursday, October 4, 2007

the best traffic jam ever

So, I am sitting on I-24 this morning in what the radio guy called "a parking lot" trying to get to work. This is not a normal thing for me, because most days I work 10 minutes from my house. But, today, I was working at Baptist and had to be there at 8:30. Evidently this is not a good time to be going to nashville for any reason. Okay, so I am sitting in traffic today and all of the sudden, completely out of nowhere, and I mean completely out of nowhere it hit me, 'Our baby is in it's birthmom's stomach,'s has a heartbeat....if i were to see the birth mom right now, her belly would be sticking out....because she is carrying our child!' I don't know if my brain has just been thinking that the stork was going to drop our baby off on our doorstep, or what I was thinking. But, I definitely had never really thought about the huge possibility that our baby is already conceived and needs care and protection...right now! 9 months is a long time. So, if we meet our child in april, that means that our child was conceived right when we were making the decision to adopt. If it comes earlier, then that means it was even BEFORE we had decided to adopt, that this child was being conceived and was meant for us! Today was another first. I felt very emotionally attached to this child and actually cried with emotion because of how much I was longing for our baby. I want this baby. I want to hold him and say I love you to him. I can already tell that parenting is very emotionally overwhelming. Today, I felt like a Mom.

I am praying now, for our baby. I'm praying for health, protection, nourishment, growth. And for the birthmom, as she could be struggling in this minute with whether to parent or to make an adoption plan or to abort even. I believe this to be the most important, most loving thing that I can be doing...praying. I invite you all to join me in this priviledge to pray for my child.


Maygy said...

I loved your post! Since we started the adoption process, I had been praying to God to watch over the baby he had chosen for us, wherever he or she may be, and all those involved. We welcomed our daughter home last week -- and it is wonderful to get to meet this precious baby that we've already prayed for so many times. You and your husband will be in my prayers during this time...God bless!

Christine said...

Hi! Christine again! No, you don't know me. I found your blog through the link on - we are currently trying for our second child and I enjoy reading about the journeys of others. As for your adoption journey, your positivity and faith are beautiful and amazing and I too will pray for the baby that I know God has already chosen for you. Stay strong!

gramps said...

I never knew over a quarter of century ago what great Blessings would come to me through my children. I believe God promises us many things in scripture, one of which is to train you child in the Lord's ways and they will not depart from it. It is hard to watch your children experience difficulties, but we know God is good. It is a tremendous comfort to know that your children yearn for God's ways, even in the midst of difficulties. While your mother and I have anquished over your situation, we also have comfort in your enormous faith and commitment. We could not ask for more or better.

We are truly Blessed. We are so proud of you and Eric.

We are so looking forward to being grandparents....and helping you train your child in the way they should go.

And feeding them chocolate too. Candy, bubble gum, smarties, bon bons, ice cream, fudge cream bars, cotton candy, cake, banana splits, donuts, cookies, tootsie rolls, caramel apples, slurpies, milk shakes, cokes, pepsi, cracker jacks....and an occasional Slim Jim for some real nourishment.

We know you are anxious...keep praying. God will give you strength, wisdom, grace, nad Blessings!

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9