Friday, May 16, 2008

8 weeks

Our last dr appointment Cohen weighed in at 11 lb 14.2 oz....that was a about 10 days ago! We go for his shots and 2 month check up on tuesday. He is talking/cooing like crazy and loves to lay on his back and kick his legs and just talk and sing. He is still just really alert and looks at bright colors. He loves his mobile on the swing and on his crib. Eric is such a great dad! He is so good with him and has had several times where he has been the primary person caring for him. Once for almost 2 days when I had a really busy weekend with work and with mother's day and stuff. He is a natural, but I never doubted that! My first mother's day was great! I remember this time last year how sad I was on mother's day, having a pity party for myself because I had not yet gotten what I thought I wanted. I am so thankful for Cohen! He is such a wonderful addition to our family.


alicia said...

Yay!!! more pics! Oh wow he is so cute! and what a great shot of you too! Still so happy for you, thanks for posting! And happy mothers day to you!

Anonymous said...

Well, eight weeks in (or out, whichever), and ole Superman and Sis could not be happier. Cohen is a special Blessing to us all. He is going to be lots of fun! We were all at the mall this weekend, and I got to wheel him around the mall, just watching him sleep, and move, and squirm, and stretch. He is one handsome young man!

Me and your Mom loved parenting. Oh, there were 'times'...and then there were 'other times'....but boy, what a Blessing you and Bryan were to us. What great memories.

And while we loved parenting....ummm...grandparenting WOOOOOOOW!

What a special child, Cohen is and will be. A child whose future was uncertain is now certain. A child who is loved, and will be loved. A child who will bring joy, and then more joy than you we can imagine. A child who certainly will hear the gospel of Jesus Christ, and see it modeled.

A child who will get ice cream when he comes to ole Superman's house.

:) Dad

"He upholds the cause of the oppressed...He sustains the fatherless and the widow" -psalm 146:7&9